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More Destroyer Movie Links

Posted in Movie News with tags on July 17, 2009 by destroyerclub

Warren Murphy posted a few paragraphs about the movie to Jeremy at Crimespree magazine, who posted it on Crimspree’s blog yesterday.

If you want a quick access to more Destroyer articles on the Internet, here’s a link to Charles Roven’s news page on IMDB.

Charles Roven, along with Steve Chasman, is producing the new Remo Williams movie.



Posted in Movie News with tags on July 13, 2009 by destroyerclub

And just in time!  Major news on the movie front! The producers of The Dark Knight and The Transporter are teaming up to bring everyone’s favorite Masters of Sinanju to the big screen!

Some links to the news:

Risky Biz

Cinema Blend

Dark Horizons

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Love live the Glorious House of Sinanju!