Exploitation Retrospect

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Exploitation Retrospect is calling for contributions to a new section — Assignment: Action! — that will be in their Fall 2013 issue.

Assignment: Action! will feature

reviews of men’s adventure novels of the 70s/80s and beyond, action cinema, remembrances of memorable action series and characters and so on. If you dig Remo Williams, The Chameleon, The Penetrator, ABLE Team, The Executioner and their ilk we are definitely seeking contributions from you!

This is a chance for Destroyer fans to post remembrances of  the series, its authors and the various ghost writers, how you were turned on to the Destroyer,  hopes for the direction the series has taken, social issues raised, etc.  If they get enough, maybe it will turn into an all-Destroyer retrospective.


New Destroyer Article

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CE Martin has written an article about The Destroyer for Amazing Stories online magazine, with an emphasis on the return of the series with new books, including the new novel The End of the World, the Legacy spin-off Forgotten Son and the two (so far) novellas: Number Two and Savage Song.

Destroyer Books are on Smashwords

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Legacy #1: Forgotten Son and Number Two are now up on Smashwords.  They’ve been accepted in Smashword’s Premium Catalog, which means they are available in Sony, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Amazon, Apple (iBookstore), Diesel, Page Foundry, Baker-Taylor Blio, and Library Direct.

Warren Murphy Interview

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Warren was interviewed on Mania.com. Check it out!

Destroyer Week at Guerrillawordfare

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This week GuerrillaWordFare is featuring the Destroyer books with interviews and giveaways:

Warren Murphy was interviewed Monday.

Gerald (Jerry) Welch on Tuesday.

And Donna Courtois on Wednesday.

Anyone who comments on  the interviews there has a chance to win different signed books each day.

Thanks Lizzy Ford and Jennifer P.!

Destroyer News

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Since books have been published fast and furious these last few weeks, thought it would be a good idea to list them all:

The End of the World (Destroyer #150) available on Amazon Kindle  or  B&N Nook.

Forgotten Son (Legacy series #1) available on Amazon Kindle or paperback, CreateSpace, B&N Nook.

Number Two (Destroyer novella #2) available on Amazon Kindle or B&N Nook.

Savage Song (Destroyer novella #1) available on Amazon Kindle or B&N Nook.

In addition, Warren Murphy is blogging lessons on how to write a novel.  The first three lessons are up and the fourth should be up shortly.

Merry Christmas

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From Destroyerclub (Warren Murphy, his sons Devin and Brian and the villager flunkies Jerry, Dale and Donna) a very merry Christmas* and a bright, happy New Year filled with new Destroyer books and its spin-off Legacy series.


*Bah!  Better to wish them a happy Feast of the Pig. If they were worthy. Which they are not.  So I do not.