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A New Destroyer coming soon

Posted in Destroyer books, Destroyer ebooks on February 23, 2012 by sunnyjoedale

Brian Murphy was at our chat on Tuesday.  The Destroyers #13, 14, 15, and 16 are re-edited and back up at Amazon.

Warren, his brother Devin and him had a meeting yesterday to discuss the new publisher, new Destroyers and make a decision.  Brian will be at the chat on March 6th with firm info to release. He mentioned on The Destroyer Books group on Facebook that it will be good news, either way it goes.


Destroyer Books on Kindle

Posted in Destroyer books, Warren Murphy on May 25, 2011 by sunnyjoedale

Most of the Destroyer books’ rights have now reverted to Warren Murphy, at least through #131, we believe.  They will all be going up on Kindle and other e-reader formats eventually.  The first three books are up on Amazon now, at a bargain price of 99 cents:  Created, The Destroyer, Death Check and Chinese Puzzle.

UpdateMafia Fix and Dr. Quake are now available, also for 99 cents.

If you’ve been wanting to get your friends into the series, but didn’t want to lend them the books, if you’ve lost some of them, if you just want a copy for your Kindle, now’s the time to pick them up.

Also, if you want to help out, putting a review up there would be fantastic.  If they sell well enough, maybe Warren would consider reviving the series using Kindle.

Destroyer Update, May 2010

Posted in Destroyer books on May 15, 2010 by destroyerclub

If you receive the Warren Murphy Newsletter, you’ll know that they’re in the process of making their Ballybunnion catalog available in Kindle format.

Currently I have “Destroyer World:Way Of The Assassin” available. “The Assassin’s Handbook” (AH1) will available shortly. followed by AH2, and “The Movie That Never Was”.

He adds the tantalizing news that, “We are planning some new releases as well…”  Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

If you don’t wish to buy a Kindle, they have a free Kindle for PC available at Amazon.  It isn’t mobile, but you’ll be able to download and read on your computer.  They have free classics also.

Christian Wolfe and Yoram Laviv have joined forces with Speaking Volume‘s voice of the Destroyer audios, Gray Gleason, to update their Destroyer opening credits.  Gray’s expert narration makes a great video even better: