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Destroyer News

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Since books have been published fast and furious these last few weeks, thought it would be a good idea to list them all:

The End of the World (Destroyer #150) available on Amazon Kindle  or  B&N Nook.

Forgotten Son (Legacy series #1) available on Amazon Kindle or paperback, CreateSpace, B&N Nook.

Number Two (Destroyer novella #2) available on Amazon Kindle or B&N Nook.

Savage Song (Destroyer novella #1) available on Amazon Kindle or B&N Nook.

In addition, Warren Murphy is blogging lessons on how to write a novel.  The first three lessons are up and the fourth should be up shortly.


Legacy book 1: Forgotten Son

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Forgotten Son is now available

Legacy #1: Forgotten Son

You can FINALLY buy your copy of the first book in the new series by Warren Murphy and Gerald Welch! Legacy IS LIVE!!!

And you didn’t even have to wait in line outside in the cold of Black Friday to get it! Just click ADD TO CART on the left side of the page!

Number Two

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A new Destroyer novella — Number Two — is being submitted to  Amazon Kindle and B&N’s Nook  this afternoon.  It will take anywhere from three to 12 hours for it to go live on Amazon and a day or two to go up on Barnes and Noble.

I’ll post the cover here as soon as I can, and links once there is a product to link to.

Destroyer News

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Devin and Brian Murphy, Warren Murphy’s sons, were at the chat Tuesday night.  Warren has a few projects that should be going ahead in the next few months.

1. Warren will begin blogging a course on how to write a novel.  If you start writing while reading along with each lesson, you should have a book you can be proud of by the time you finish Warren’s last one.

2.  Warren is going to be doing three or four classic Destroyers a year. These will be longer ebooks (and maybe paperbacks some day), set in the present and perhaps in the past.

3.  Warren will also be co-writing some shorter Destroyer novellas, perhaps another three or four a year.

4.  Warren is also co-writing a series for young adults set in the Destroyer universe, featuring Remo’s two children Winston Smith and Freya.

5.  Once those other projects have begun, Warren’s going to be publishing short stories written by various people, including fans.

The goal is to have a new Destroyer work up each month –either a novel, novella, spin-off, or short story.  Good times ahead!

Savage Song is here

Posted in Destroyer books on March 23, 2012 by sunnyjoedale

The first new Destroyer adventure in more than three years is live on Amazon.

Savage Song: coming March 23rd to Kindle

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*BREAKING NEWS —  If you go to Destroyer Books, they also have The Day Remo Died — the short story from the Assassins Hand-book — available for free download.

Savage Song

Brian was at the chat tonight. Warren Murphy‘s given us (through Brian) permission to post from Savage Song’s back cover blurb here:

She is the world’s greatest entertainer; in a few brief years, she has changed show business forever and tens of millions of people follow her every move. Now it looks like someone is trying to end her career for good, but she’s not the kind to roll over and play dead for anybody.

Enter Remo Williams, the Destroyer, and Chiun, the Master of Sinanju and the world’s greatest assassin…who has a warm spot in his heart for the singing star. Killers, stand back. You’re messing with the wrong girl and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Savage Song

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…is the title of Warren’s new Destroyer novella. It should be out on Kindle by the end of this month, if not sooner.

We’ll try to get the cover image and back cover blurb up here as soon as we get the go-ahead.

Brian was at our Dclub chat tonight.  Warren is close to signing the contract with the publisher, but he doesn’t want to name them until it is signed.  The publisher will be issuing the novels as ebooks and in print. In addition, Warren will be publishing novellas and short stories on Amazon’s Kindle.  We don’t have any information yet on how many new Destroyer works are scheduled per year.

We’re hoping that Warren will make an appearance at the Chat some Tuesday night.  More details on the exact date once we know.