Destroyerclub Happy New Year Chat

We meet Tuesday, January 3rd at 9PM EST, 8PM CST in the Mibbit chat room.  No need to log in.  In the top box where it says “Nick” type in your name or whatever alias you wish; channel is: #thedestroyerclub.

Bully Pulpit (The Destroyer #151) has been published. You can buy the paperback HERE on Amazon, and also the EBOOK. And on B&N HERE. It has received many five star reviews.

Laughing Matter, the next book in the Legacy series, is being polished and should be out shortly.

Warren Murphy passed away Friday, Sept. 4th. But Chiun, Remo, Smitty and the rest of the marvelous group of characters live on. More books are already in the planning stages.

Jim Mullaney’s latest Crag Banyon Mystery, The Butler Did I.T., is in the proofing/formatting stage. It should be ready sometime this month.  His last Banyon,  Shoot the Moon, is live on Amazon in Kindle and paperback, Createspace, and at Smashwords.  For any of you who don’t know, he’s the author of 25 Destroyer books (#s 111 – 131, plus the four New Destroyers) and The Assassin’s Handbook 2. Pick up your copy today!

Legacy #5: Mother Mine is now available on Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.

Warren Murphy has a new Digger short story out in Fifty Shades of Grey Fedora, an anthology edited by Robert Randisi (Destroyer ghostwriter of #40: Dangerous Games, #43 Midnight Man, and #58 Total Recall).

Shane Black is directing and Jim Mullaney (whose latest Red Menace #5 — Red on the Menu — is out on Amazon, B&N,  and Smashwords) is co-writing (with Jim Uhls) a new Destroyer movie. The movie has a very spartan page on IMDb and James also has a page there.

More Blood: A Sinanju Anthology is up on Amazon in paperback and ebook. We’ve got a really good batch of stories; the authors should be proud of themselves. Destroyer fans are in for a real treat!

Flying Blind, Jim Mullaney’s 6th Crag Banyon mystery is now available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon and in several different formats on Smashwords.

Warren’s writing blog —  How to Start … and Finish… Your Novel:  Complete With  Money-back Guarantee:  Lesson 12  — the final lesson — is up.

Jim Mullaney’s  Devil May Care, his second CragBanyon Mystery, was a runner up for Best Indie PI Novel in last year’s Shamus Awards.

One Response to “Destroyerclub Happy New Year Chat”

  1. Jimmy Kunsman Says:

    Great to hear “The effort to get back list of Destroyer books on Kindle is moving forward again.”
    How about #24 – King’s Curse? I’m trying to read in order and stuck waiting for this one!
    Thanks — jimmy

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