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Legacy Book 3, Overload

Posted in Books, Legacy series on May 10, 2014 by sunnyjoedale

Legacy Book 3, Overload is now live on Amazon! We’re also offering a FREE copy to any bloggers who review it, so tell your friends and spread the word! (Contact for details). Watch for it on next on Barnes and Noble and all your favorite online retailers. It will also be available in paperback.


Legacy Book 3, Overload

Game Over?

A figure from Sunny Joe’s past seeks revenge by hiring Stone and Freya for a video game where there are no cheat codes…and death is for real!

From the blurb:

Stone ignored Sturgeon’s monologue and grabbed a deep breath, aiming his fist at Sturgeon’s ankle. Had he been fully centered, the strike would have reduced the ankle into powder, but as weak as Stone was, he barely managed to knock Sturgeon off his feet.
     His heart pumped two sharp beats and then one dull beat—and then it stopped. Stone took a breath and coughed hard. His heart shocked back with three quick beats. Heart attack or not, Stone was not going to die on the floor at the hand of Stevie Sturgeon. Both men stood to their feet at the same time and both recognized the stakes. This was not going to be a match regulated by judges or scored by points. The winner would be the one who was still breathing two minutes from now…