MORE BLOOD! (New Blood 2)

Attention Destroyer fans! As readers of the long-running men’s adventure series by Warren Murphy and Dick Sapir, maybe you’ve had ideas for a short story or two. If you’re a long-time fan, you remember when Warren published ‘New Blood‘ — an anthology of fan-written short stories and artwork. Or maybe you discovered the series too late to participate. Maybe you figured it was something that would never happen again and you’d missed your chance.

Not so! Warren is publishing a second anthology and needs contributions.

Submission dates begin NOW and will run until January 2014. Stories must be Destroyer-themed, of course, although they don’t have to feature any of the main characters. Stories of past Masters or future Masters are welcome, as are stories of a young Harold Smith or Conn MacCleary, a villain, or a supporting character. Let your creativity run wild! Entries can be serious or funny; they can be action or crime or sci-fi, or they can be something else entirely. This is your chance to make the series your own, although the main characters should behave as they would in a Destroyer novel (no Remo killing nuns or Chiun eating a cheeseburger). Sex and violence should be kept around a PG-13 rating. Length can be anywhere from ultra-short flash fiction (about 1000 words) to 7500 words. Longer entries may be considered on a case-by-case basis, but may need to be shortened out of space considerations. (Please, no full-length novels). The anthology will be anchored by Donna Courtois’ new novella, Storm Warning.

We are also accepting artwork. Again, subjects can be anything related to the books, and again, PG-13 is a good guideline. If you submit something in color, remember that the interior artwork will be printed in grayscale. Contact us for format requirements.

Now put down the Internet and pick up those pens (or open up Word and put those fingers on the keyboard)! Stories should have title and author at the top, and a word count at the end. Standard formats only — Word, OpenOffice, or RTF, and please no PDFs.

When you’re ready, send your submission to We cannot guarantee that all submissions will be accepted, but we promise to read each and every one.

Need more motivation to submit? Warren Murphy is donating a percentage of all profits to charity.


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