Exploitation Retrospect

Exploitation Retrospect is calling for contributions to a new section — Assignment: Action! — that will be in their Fall 2013 issue.

Assignment: Action! will feature

reviews of men’s adventure novels of the 70s/80s and beyond, action cinema, remembrances of memorable action series and characters and so on. If you dig Remo Williams, The Chameleon, The Penetrator, ABLE Team, The Executioner and their ilk we are definitely seeking contributions from you!

This is a chance for Destroyer fans to post remembrances of  the series, its authors and the various ghost writers, how you were turned on to the Destroyer,  hopes for the direction the series has taken, social issues raised, etc.  If they get enough, maybe it will turn into an all-Destroyer retrospective.


3 Responses to “Exploitation Retrospect”

  1. John Brown Says:

    I originally started with #54 Profit Motive. I was looking for something to read and the cover caught my attention. After that I read all the library had. When I joined the military, I found the chance to buy them as they came out, and I bought all back issues I could find. I have nearly all issues, except for the latest, which with the local bookstores going out of business, are harder to find. I had seen the (?) reboot of the new destroyer, and have been looking for the second book, then saw the spinoff to the Legacy series, it all looks good, and I look forward to reading them. I know it must be hard to keep coming up with ancient powers strong enough to challenge the Masters, and wasn’t sure if they could keep the series going. I will be supporting them as long as they do.

  2. I started reading The destroyer series in 1973 in the military. I was on fire watch duty and someone left the ‘Chinese Puzzle ‘, the 3rd book, at the desk. Was hooked from that point on. I started getting them them upon release of the new ones and had to wait until I got of the Army to track down the first 2 in the series. It was a sad day for me when the series ended due to publication issues. Wish they would come back on-line.

    • sunnyjoedale Says:

      Isaac, new books are available. Warren Murphy is self-publishing through Amazon, B&N and other venues. The End of the World is a novel-length book, there are two spinoffs in the Legacy Series — Forgotten Son and The Killing Fields — which feature Stone (formerly Winner) Smith and Freya Williams, and two novellas — Savage Song and Number Two. More books are following.

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