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Red Menace: Red and Buried Paperback

Posted in Books, Jim Mullaney on September 24, 2012 by sunnyjoedale

Jim Mullaney’s first Red Menace book is being issued in paperback by Moonstone. The book won’t be out until next spring, but it’s up on Amazon and available for preorder there.


New cover for Moonstone’s paperback of Red and Buried.

Warren and Molly could use your help

Posted in Books, Molly Cochran, Warren Murphy on September 22, 2012 by sunnyjoedale
Warren Murphy and Molly Cochran could use your help with some promotion. The Temple Dogs and The Forever KingĀ were recently reissued with new covers, but because they’re a reissue, reviews from earlier editions on Amazon aren’t there. If they start selling more, Amazon would be willing to do some publicity for them. What you can do: 1) like the book (the little icon to the right near the customer review numbers); 2) write a review (or copy and paste if you’ve reviewed the earlier edition); 3) add a tag, or put a check mark next to the tags you agree with; 4) post something on Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest (when you hit that ‘like’ button there, a box comes up that will post something to one of those sites).

Anything that generates interest in The Temple Dogs and The Forever King will help publicize future books when they are published.