DestroyerCon Sept. 15, Virginia Beach, VA

Brian Murphy has posted a poll over at Facebook:

Are you interested in coming to a “DestroyerCon” event on September 15th in Virginia Beach, VA?

He’s trying to gauge interest.  Even if only a few people show up, I think the Murphys will schedule a small get together, with book signings, photo ops — a chance to meet Warren and other Destroyer fans.

Make sure to vote in the poll and leave a comment!


6 Responses to “DestroyerCon Sept. 15, Virginia Beach, VA”

  1. Paul Poggi Says:

    I’m 45 and think I first bought “Created…” about 35 years ago…Remo was a Korean War vet, I recall that much. Live in Richmond and would definitely come to the beach for Destroyercon – would love to.

    • I’ve not opened a Facebook account, so you’ll not be able to communicate with me via Facebook.

      The idea of this proposed Destroyer fans convention does sound interesting, and thank you for the invitation, but I cannot possibly afford to take off any more time from work than I already am this upcoming autumn…

  2. My family and I moved to Rye, N.Y. back in 1973. I am presently in the process of attempting to guest write a human interest article for one of our local newspapers here called “The Rye Record” about how the City of Rye, N.Y. has been mentioned in various capacities in literary works of fiction, dating from the 19th century, up through the 21st century- I’m trying to research various literary characters from numerous different genres of literature who have either lived in, worked in or traveled through Rye-

    Does anybody know which book within “The Destroyer” series that the fictional sanitarium that Dr. Harold Smith works in first appears?

    I know that by now there are almost 150 books that have been published since 1971 in “The Destroyer” series- I cannot possibly read through all of them until I find this reference as part of my research for a human interest article for a local newspaper….

  3. Folcroft Sanitarium appeared in the first book, Created, The Destroyer and appeared in many of the other books in the series. Even the books which didn’t have any scenes at Folcroft generally reference it.

    One book where a lot of the action takes place at Folcroft is #14: Judgement Day. A man discovers CURE and takes Harold Smith’s place.

  4. Juan Lael Says:

    I bought my Destroyer series book “Killer Chromosomes” at a garage sale in my hometown of Ohio in 1984. I have been a fan ever since and I’m awaiting the remake of Remo Williams movie. I’ll attend with bells on!

  5. If it was Dec 2st it could be Merry Happy Feast of the Pig!

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