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Devil May Care (A Crag Banyon Mystery)

Posted in Jim Mullaney on April 22, 2012 by sunnyjoedale

While we wait for more Destroyer news, Jim Mullaney is busy writing his second Crag Banyon mystery.  He’s also written the back cover blurb, which we’ll tease you with here:


For a savvy private investigator like Crag Banyon, tackling cases that are too hot to handle comes with the territory.  But even a plucky P.I. with an occasionally unsavory client roster has his limits.  So when a demon shows up at the front door of Banyon Investigations with a pile of cash and a plea for help, Banyon thinks it could be time to cool things down.  Unfortunately, temptation strikes at the precise moment the rent is overdue, and the landlord — not to mention the power and phone companies and Banyon’s top fifty favorite liquor stores — don’t take IOUs.  Short on cash, he makes a deal with the devil.

Someone’s gone over the wall and escaped from Hell, and the demon prison guards need someone on the outside to track down their misplaced soul.  Simple missing persons case, right?  Except nothing’s ever simple for Crag Banyon, P.I.  When he’s not being assaulted, mauled, arrested, framed, betrayed, chased and nearly killed, he’s uncovering a conspiracy that extends from this life to the afterlife and all points in between.

When all Hell breaks loose, what’s Banyon’s solution?  Shove a flask in his pocket and go to a matinee at the Bijou until it all blows over or blows up…whichever comes first.


Drowning in Red Ink (Red Menace #2)

Posted in Jim Mullaney on April 1, 2012 by sunnyjoedale

Jim Mullaney latest action/adventure book, Drowning in Red Ink,  is on Amazon’s Kindle.   As you know, he was the ghostwriter for twenty-one Destroyer books and co-wrote the four New Destroyers with Warren Murphy.


Drowning in Red Ink


Take one psycho beauty hell-bent on revolution.
Add millions in illicit cash.
Stir in one counterculture army.
Simmer in a political pressure cooker until it explodes into America’s streets.

A devastating attack in the heartland leaves a stunned nation reeling. Claiming credit for the unprovoked strike is a new radical group called the People’s Brigade. Even as bodies are being pulled from the rubble, this heretofore unknown group loses no time launching assault after assault in cities across the country.

America’s intelligence agencies are flying blind and can only stand helpless as the violence escalates…until a desperate MIC tosses Patrick “Podge” Becket and Dr. Thaddeus Wainwright into the fray. The two men quickly uncover a scheme that links the People’s Brigade to underground radical groups in every state in the union, all answerable to a lovely young sociopath called Daisy.

The gal’s got looks, brains, money and an army of men willing to die for a cause.

Our side has the Red Menace and Dr. Wainwright.

The bad guys haven’t got a chance.