Savage Song

…is the title of Warren’s new Destroyer novella. It should be out on Kindle by the end of this month, if not sooner.

We’ll try to get the cover image and back cover blurb up here as soon as we get the go-ahead.

Brian was at our Dclub chat tonight.  Warren is close to signing the contract with the publisher, but he doesn’t want to name them until it is signed.  The publisher will be issuing the novels as ebooks and in print. In addition, Warren will be publishing novellas and short stories on Amazon’s Kindle.  We don’t have any information yet on how many new Destroyer works are scheduled per year.

We’re hoping that Warren will make an appearance at the Chat some Tuesday night.  More details on the exact date once we know.



One Response to “Savage Song”

  1. About time. There has been a real deficit in wit and humor presented in an entertaining format.
    That was the adult comment. Next, I need to hear more Remo snark, and to see someone try to rip off Chiun’s trunks.

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