Jim Mullaney is on Facebook

Jim finally had to admit that in the 21st century, Facebook might be a good place for authors to connect with fans.

Go to Jim’s Author Page.


11 Responses to “Jim Mullaney is on Facebook”

  1. But he wants it to be known that he only did so kicking and screaming and that he still hasn’t figured out how to post there, so take that 21st Century.

    Jim Mullaney

  2. And somehow, someone, somewhere found a picture of the elusive Mullaney mug. It was neat to actually see who I’ve gotten to “cyber know” all these years!

  3. Steve Fahnestalk Says:

    Hey, Jim. Nice to see you, kicking and screaming or not, join the 21st century. We even have stuff like matches, wheeled vehicles and showers. You’ll like it here!
    Which Jim Mullaney are you? I’d like to add you as a friend. Been reading the various Destroyer books for many years (since #1, Created, The Destroyer). Lots of writers read the books, too.

  4. Steve Fahnestalk Says:

    Okay. I just visited Warren Murphy’s blog, and I have to tell you that I am ROYALLY pissed off. I’ve followed this series for 40-ish years, and have been a total fan, but now I’m having second and third thoughts about it.
    In fact, due to Murphy’s innuendoes about, and comments about, Obama, I’m thinking maybe I should start an anti-Destroyer league.
    Why should we, the readers (and possible movie-goers) support a series by a guy who makes up stuff about the President of the US? I can understand not being a Democrat, I can understand not liking the Democratic President, but all this “he wasn’t born here,” “He didn’t write his own book,” and calling him “box-o-rocks” is beyond the pale.
    The more I think about it, the more I feel betrayed and angry.
    Someone talk me out of going through my bookshelves and getting rid of my hundred-plus Destroyer books, please.
    I don’t need friending from Mullaney, either.
    I think I’ll contact the studios (Lionsgate, which is here in Vancouver, and the various Hollywood people) and see how they feel about promoting a series by someone like that.
    I’m madder than a wet hen.
    Freedom of speech allows what he’s (Murphy) saying, but it doesn’t mandate that I have to like it, or support him any more. In fact, I’m now done with The Destroyer.

  5. sunnyjoedale Says:

    You are talking about an author whose book series has made fun of every president in the past 50 years, both democrats and republicans. Why is it ok for him and other authors to write about the presidents in a book but it isn’t ok in a blog?

    If you are serious about getting rid of your Destroyer books, I will take them off your hands and make sure they get into the hands of people who will appreciate them and their authors.

  6. Steve Fahnestalk Says:

    Okay, if you don’t understand the difference between “making fun” and writing serious bullpuckey in a blog, then there’s no use even talking to you. I have rethought my anti-Destroyer rant, which was prompted by extreme disappointment in an author whose work I had liked and respected for many years, but I can still say I’m very disappointed in Murphy’s mean-spiritedness.

    It’s one thing to make fun of politicians–they are, after all, legitimate targets. As are most organizations, ethnic and social groups, countries, and on and on. That is legitimate in writing, especially a series that was occasionally very incisive and insightful.

    But to rant on about Obama’s supposed anti-Semitism, his supposed non-American birth, and so on *seriously*, rather than in fun is, imo, beyond the pale. Look, we’ve all made fun of presidents, from Eisenhower, to Nixon, to Carter (especially brother Billy), to Slick Willy Clinton; and Obama’s ears are a legitimate target for satire.

    But Murphy makes it clear on his blog that it’s not satire. He either believes or hopes to convince us to believe, all this crud about Obama. Doesn’t work for me or endear that author to me.

    So in the interest of fairness and clarifying my earlier hasty statements, I will say I was hurt and disappointed; I’m not done with The Destroyer, and hope to read (and see onscreen) further adventures of Remo, Chiun and Harold W. Smith (plus the continuing cast of wacky characters), but I will not be reading any more of Murphy’s blog.

  7. “I don’t need friending from Mullaney, either.”

    What about the horse I rode in on? For the sake of new visitors here, the old timers from the old Destroyer Club (may she one day rise again) will tell you that I play well with all, both Right and Left. I don’t get what it is I’m even supposed to have done here, except associate with Warren. Hey, I’m all fer guilt by association ’cause you know folks by the company they keep, but haven’t we been told since the Fifties that that’s a bad thing?

  8. “I don’t need friending from Mullaney, either.” What in the heck prompted me to write that? You and I have shared written correspondence in the past, and I think I must have taken some bad drugs or something for me to write that. I apologize, sincerely, for that statement.
    I’m fond of your horse, too.
    Yes, you play well with all, your books are witty and in the Destroyer tradition.
    I must have just flown off the handle in all directions. I would happily friend you on Facebook.
    And I have friends who are very anti-Obama and I’m not defriending THEM, so why did I go off so badly on Warren? I dunno.
    Put it down to the weather, maybe.
    Well, they tell me everyone’s entitled to be a horse’s ass once or twice. Maybe this was my shot.
    Sorry to all for my bad manners and dumb-ass posting. Maybe it was something I ate.

  9. “they tell me everyone’s entitled to be a horse’s ass once or twice.”

    I hope that’s not the case, Steve. If that’s all I’ve been allotted I’m in real trouble.

    All is well. I just saw this and thought I should jump in. After all, I’m the guy who fought to get a separate “debate” forum at the old Destroyer Club so that politics wouldn’t seep into the other forums. (I really miss that site. I wish it was back up and running.) You are, of course, more than welcome to sign up for both my Facebook pages. The more the merrier. The links are around here somewhere. The talented, Internet-savvy folks who set me up there got me a personal page as well as an author page. There was a reason for getting me two pages. Beats me what it is, but I’m sure it was a good one.

  10. uriah maddox Says:

    Warren’s ragging on Obama? Awesome. Got to check out the blog. Been away for a while. Obama’s lucky his Presidency commenced after the novel series went on hiatus. It would have been real fun to read the skewering he would have surely received.
    Warren can rant about anything he wants. Nothing is off limits. If Warren or Jim paid any attention to posts like number 4 above, the Destroyer books would have died a long time ago.
    Loyal Destroyer reader and owner of a complete series and all companion books. Some books even signed by Warren and Jim.

    • sunnyjoedale Says:

      Hi, Timmer, long time no hear.

      Are you on Facebook? Warren, Jim, Dale, me and assorted other Destroyer fans are around there.

      Did you know Warren’s writing a Destroyer story that should be up on Kindle some day? I really need to post that here.


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