2012 Chat (not new or improved)

We’ll be meeting  in the Mibbit chat room Tuesday, January 3rd at 9 PM  EST, 8PM CST.   No need to log in.  In the top box where it says “Nick” type in your name or whatever alias you wish, and in the “channel” box type in #thedestroyerclub.

No further news about the series’ new contract.  This week?  We’re hoping something will break soon.  What great New Year’s news that would be for Destroyer fans!

The new contract would include not only novels, but novellas and short stories.  A New Blood 2 is a distinct possibility, so those of you fans who have written a Destroyer story too late for New Blood, Warren would like to see it.  What’s holding things up is they wish to publish Warren’s back catalog of books, not just the previous Destroyers, and they’re having trouble ironing out the rights.  We hope that’s going to be settled ASAP.  More news as it becomes available.

From Jim Mullaney:  Jim’s latest book, One Horse Open Slay is up in Amazon’s Kindle store, as is   The Red Menace #1: Red and Buried.  It seems Red and Buried will be turning up in paperback form in 2012, if this Moonstone page is any indication.

Destroyers #43 through 49 are up on Kindle, including the ever-popular #46: Next of Kin.   Several of the Ballybunnion titles are on Kindle already  They seem to be selling very well.

We’ve  had a couple of surprise visits from Brian Murphy, Warren’s son and Will Murray.  You can read a transcript of the chats, if you’re a member of Dale’s Yahoo group.  Link is here


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