Forum Trouble?

Are any of you having problems with the forum?  Either registering or posting if you are registered?

It may be in part due to the link in the menu above.  A direct link to the forum is:  Copy and paste it in another window or tab, since clicking it here wouldn’t eliminate the banner.

If you want to see this page without the banner, here is a link you can use for that:

Let us know if it helps, or if you’re having problems still. If you can’t post here, a post to Jim’s forum will get to us.


One Response to “Forum Trouble?”

  1. I had terrible problems with the forum; so many that I gave up trying to use it early on. It simply would not work for me. I kept getting error messages. But this stripped-down version without the Destroyer banner DOES work for me. People should copy and paste the above link and try it, because it’s clearly the presence of the Destroyer banner that made it impossible for me to even access the forum all those months ago.

    Now, my total inability to post a message once I finally logged in? That was a whole other story…

    Jim Mullaney

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