Destroyer Club Chat

We’ll be meeting in the Mibbit chat room Tuesday, July 27th, at 9PM EDT, 8PM CDT.   No need to log in.  In the top box where it says “Nick” type in your name or whatever alias you wish, and in the “channel” box type in #destroyerclub.

Don’t forget the IMDB goose (see post below).  It went down 20% in popularity last week, but thanks to some of you checking out the movie, it’s back up 22% this week.

Speaking Volumes has just announced the next four Destroyer audio books.  In no particular order, they are Acid Rock, Funny Money, Next of Kin, and Profit Motive.

Brian has put several of the Ballybunnion titles on Kindle and they seem to be selling very well.  The Assassins Handbook, Assassins Handbook 2 , and  New Blood. Miss Bidwell’s Spirit is also available now and Brian says The Movie That Never Was should be up shortly.  The formatting for the script form is more difficult than a regular book, which has delayed it a little.


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