Let’s try to goose the movie people

Another summer is here with The Destroyer movie seemingly caught in limbo.   There hasn’t been any news for months.

Maybe it would help if the fans could show their enthusiasm for the movie?  If the movie people check anyplace, it may be the movie’s entry on IMDB.

Here’s a link to The Destroyer’s discussion board:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1474280/board

It wouldn’t hurt, too, if maybe a few of the comments expressed frustration at the delay and asked when the show was going to get on the road.

I hope some of you, at least, will follow through.  Usually the majority stays silent, thinking someone else will do it.  But maybe comments like  “I can’t wait for a real Destroyer movie” and “This is great!  How soon is it happening?”  — or even, “The movie’s been announced for a year now, when will we see it start production?” —  will prod the movie people a bit.  And maybe that would help get the series back in print again.

You do have to register to post, but it’s no worse than registering on any other forums. I don’t remember if you have to check off of any options when registering.  All I can say is, I’ve never been bothered by spam mail from them.


One Response to “Let’s try to goose the movie people”

  1. IMDB is obviously a great mega site for info about movies from all around the globe; however, I tend to disagree as to its importance for the “movie people”. If they’d look anywhere, it’d surely be Youtube first. Just run a simple search query for the 23rd James Bond film and see how thousands (or should I say 100s of 1000s) of fans react and express their enthusiasm for a film that is off production…

    Our (Wolf’s and mine) little make-believe Remo videos–for there are a couple of versions of it–have attracted just few hundreds of views since we first uploaded the video 3 months ago. That’s real poor in my standards, and that’s a bad indication for any producer.

    We should take one thing into consideration. The whole concept of the wave of recreating movies from the 1980s is that Hollywood doesn’t need a new fresh script but rather much cgi and a theme for the young and bold. Most of Remo’s youngest fans are into their 40s.
    Those here who lay their hopes on the success of the new Karate Kid should not disregard that a good Remo film must follow the early Destroyer novels and not an abomination which will have Will Smith’s son running around Korea.

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