Fan Made Destroyer Video

Christian Wolf has written Destroyer themed music. He pooled his music with  a friend, Yoram Laviv’s talent for graphics, and made the opening credits for a Destroyer movie:


5 Responses to “Fan Made Destroyer Video”

  1. Great vid… in another 5 yrs 3D texturing will be so good that we won’t need actors or hollyweird (to screw up a beautiful story of a Master and his plight)… interesting choice of talent.

  2. Yoram Laviv Says:

    Ha ha, why 5 years when Avatar is already here?
    I give it another year for the next 3D block buster.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Where in Korea can I find copies of the series on DVD?

  4. sunnyjoedale Says:

    There wasn’t a series, only the movie Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. There was a TV pilot made a few years after that, but it’s never been out on DVD, though it’s been shown a few times on Encore Action.

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