Warren Murphy is Blogging Again

And with a vengeance!  There are several new blogs posted already.   In case you don’t subscribe to  Brian Murphy’s newsletter, here’s his announcement:

Hi All,
Have you missed seeing freshly written material from Murph? Well, me too! I have finally been able to corner him (getting a little easier as he gets older) and get him back in the act of fingers on keyboard. You can find his thoughts and opinions at the his new blog site. The address is http://warrenmurphy.com/warrenmurphy/.  You can also find a link to it off the main page http://www.warrenmurphy.com ; simply click the banner at the top of the page. There are links there to follow him on facebook as well as twitter.

We are happy to announce that our favorite author and commentator on wordly situations is once again blogging! I hope you join us and please feel free to comment on his posts.

See you there!
Brian (Son of Wa) Murphy


2 Responses to “Warren Murphy is Blogging Again”

  1. Dennis G. Parker Says:

    Dennis G. Parker // Mar 12, 2010 at 9:00 PM

    I hope that this is a message that will get to Mr. Warren Murphy. If not, can anyone PLEASE tell me how to contact him. Mr. Murphy. I am a former Kansas Sheriff, who has the dubious distinction of being the most highly decorated law enforcement officer in the midwestern United States. That and $1.00 will get me a cheap cup of coffee. I just want you to know that I bought my first Destroyer in 1973, busted my hump to get the extant back issues, and have bought every one since. I don’t think there is one of them, I haven’t read at least 3 times. I’ve also turned on roughly 100 other people to your amazing series. I just would like you to know, that you have provided me with more entertainment in my life than any other artist in any other way. I believe you are most likely the most talented writer of our time. I have also enjoyed many of your other books, but Remo and Chiun are, in my opinion, perfection in literature. Thank you for entertaining me when I was shot. When I was stabbed and when I was hit by a car. I recuperated to Remo and Chiun. Thank you for getting me through 3 divorces and a multitude of other crummy relationships in which a book was my best outlet. Thank you for 37 years of outstanding, quality time with my nose in your books. If I had one wish, it would be to know who Remo chooses as his apprentice. How Chiun’s end finally comes. How Harold W. Smith ends. What happens to Sunny Joe, Freya and Winner. I am certain thousands of other fans have come to feel as though they actually KNOW Remo and Chiun, care about them and always wonder what is next in their saga, and the saga of Sinanju and CURE also. You are an amazing man and I feel like an old friend. I am only sorry it took me 37 years, to finally send you a thank you. I’ve written my own book, Surviving The Badge, and if I can ever get anybody to READ the silly thing, I hope someday to get it published. (Perhaps before I die)! One more time, THANK YOU Warren Murphy and yes, I’ll say it, thanks to you as well Richard Sapir, for a lifetime’s worth of enjoyment.

  2. Steve Fahnestalk Says:

    Hey, Dennis: congrats on finishing a book; I know it’s not easy. And thanks for your years of service behind the badge. I did it for a (too) short time as well, as dispatcher and auxiliary. I’ll buy you a cup o’ joe any time, dude.

    To get your own book published, look at either epub, or look for a bookstore or other outlet near you that has an Espresso book machine. Yes, it’s self-publishing, but depending on how well you promote your own book, you could get picked up by a regular print publisher.

    And All Hail Sapir, Murphy, Mullaney and all the Destroyer authors! You guys have provided me with years of fun and enjoyment! Many thanks from another writer!

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