Here’s to the Scribbler!   Have a great birthday tomorrow, Sept. 13th, celebrate hearty.

We had asked Chiun to pen something, but he says he”s not speaking to Mr. Murphy unless the new movie is named “Chiun the Great Reads His Ung Poetry.”



  1. The happiest of birthdays to you, sir. I tip my elbow to you.

  2. Happy birthday Mr. Murphy.

  3. Happy Birthday Warren! Thanks for all the great books. Not only Destroyer and Trace but the other ones too!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Warren! Thank you for creating The Destroyer! Without those books (and movie(s)) I’d have less drivel to pine over and I’m sure I wouldn’t be as happy! Thank you for the years of reading pleasure!

  5. 1 more day closer to the peace of the great void. good for you. there must be a reason you are still here. enjoy, then get back to the job at hand. may i suggest you have verse or more of poetry between the highlights of the stories that ultimately will be shown on our television sets in the near distant future, depicting the arranged stories of student trying not to disrespect his teacher and earn his keep.

    perhaps a collection of such poetry orated in its proper true and complete form by an especially talented and humble Korean . making this a special dvd to be appreciated at little cost to the general masses.. just a birthday thought,, from a general person of no consequence..

  6. happy b day, thanks for the stories. rob

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