And just in time!  Major news on the movie front! The producers of The Dark Knight and The Transporter are teaming up to bring everyone’s favorite Masters of Sinanju to the big screen!

Some links to the news:

Risky Biz

Cinema Blend

Dark Horizons

Also, the site will be under construction for the next few weeks.  We want to get the site functional again before we do any tweaking/polishing.   Switching servers has caused us to start the forums over, so please register by clicking the FORUMS link above.

Love live the Glorious House of Sinanju!


3 Responses to “WE ARE BACK!”

  1. Hi. The new site looks GREAT! Glad to see it has come back. Got a problem though. Forums not allowing me to register, Contact link has no info. Dont know how to contact you otherwise. Am interested in getting back on the site. Been busy for a few years and I fell out of contact. Hopefully u get it fixed soon



  2. I banned gmail accounts because we’ve been getting a lot of spammers using that.

    I’ll take the ban off, would rather put up with deleting gmail spammers than block out a person and a fan.

  3. The site looks nice for sure.
    I can’t wait for the new movie. I still have the old one on VHS.
    I will try to make it to the Tuesday chat now that I found it.

    If there are any other meetings please respond and tell me about them.



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